Thursday, October 17, 2013


Hello Kitty has got to be the most famous kitty ever! (Grumpy cat is 2nd to the throne) But obviously, Ianah's beanie is not Hello Kitty, but it's still cute, right?

I have this "what tweens do" concept in my head so the bedroom was definitely the best location. This is my bedroom by the way. Messy I know.  

Tweens LOVE talking over the phone (although Ianah prefer talking with her friends through face time. Ugh! Kids nowadays)

Because talking over the phone is just way too mainstream, so tweens multi-task by chatting on their laptops at the same time.

Selfies are a bit more exciting using their ipads.

SM Accessory beanie

coltnava top & skirt

Forever 21 shoes

Styled by Colt Nava 

Sunday, October 13, 2013


There are a lot of cute hats out there but I have to say that this one takes the cake! It's so unique compared to all the other animal hats that are selling like hotcakes these days (ex. panda, bunny, cat, etc.)

coltnava top & skirt

from Hong Kong hat

H&M shoes

Yes, that's a Skyflakes box turned into a flower pot holder that I had to blur out. My mama (Ianah's grandmother) has a unique way of keeping trash and turning it into something useful (I think?) Although I don't get the importance of the box since it already has a pot. Oh well. Moms.

Styled by Colt Nava 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


White dresses are popularly known for beautiful bridal gowns, but for an everyday look, they are considered either very classic or very boring. To make your white dress look more interesting, you have to add a pop of color. In this specific look, I chose a purple booties for Ianah, this makes the ensemble look more chic and fun.

You can actually turn a semi-formal dress into an everyday wear and avoid the mature effect of your plain white dress by styling it with youthful accessories like this trendy belt and a hat.

H&M hat

coltnava dress

from Hong Kong belt

Forever 21 boots

Styled by Colt Nava 

Saturday, October 5, 2013


The holiday breeze is creeping in once in awhile. This is the best opportunity to wear those cute long sleeves that you kept at the very bottom of your closet! ^_^

If you want to look festive without wearing your embarrassing christmas sweater, then opt for a more grown-up version of it like this top with these adorable snowflakes!

Models need to eat too ^_^ Say hello to Mickey!

SM accessory hat

coltnava top

H&M shorts

Styled by Colt Nava